Graduate Admissions To apply for the scholarship

The scholarship. Tony – fighting. Donna.

Tuition And the credit hours 12,000 baht per month plus living expenses

Requirements: You must have a minimum 3.5 GPA in graduate or undergraduate 3:25.

In the field of information technology or a related field. And has published works

The application process For those interested in the scholarship program.
1. enrolled in the graduate programs of the Faculty of Information Technology Co. Meath. As usual channels.
2. To apply for a scholarship program funded the research. The information you Pawina. Mr. Siri Mongkol email:
3. Commission funded research project. Faculty of Information Technology, the results of entrance examination. And information on the scholarship application.
4. To identify candidates who passed the entrance examination by the committee.
5. Announcement of the scholarship.
6. Those who have received the scholarship program must. The contract funded the study.

For more, click on: Detail capital.

Form: scholarship forms. Pdf / scholarship forms. Doc.
Students who wish to apply for the scholarship interview. You can contact us for more information.
You Pawina Mr. Siri Mongkol
Tel 0-2470-9815


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