It is full scholarship. Do not refund after graduation.

Scholarships for the doctoral students include tuition fee.

Monthly living expense, expense for progress report, material allowance, research expense, and transportation costs.

Living expenses in foreign country, Air ticket, passport, visa, and health insurance.

Background of

The Petchra Pra Jom Klao Ph.D. Research Scholarship

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi devised the Petchra Pra Jom Klao Doctoral scholarship to improve group the student utilisation of their precious time to study in the doctoral degree program and enhance the research and development experience under the supervision of highly experienced group of researcher and advisors. This scholarship is for those doctoral student who wants to develop themselves as quality researchers in their respective fields of research so as to create a positive impact on the social and economic conditions of the country. This scholarship will cover a specific period of the academic yer under certain given conditions.

Admission Calendar




Letter of Reference


Letter of Acceptance


Letter of Acceptance : KMUTT R&D cluster/ Research Unit



Announcement of Results of Interview Eligibility


Announcement the Results of Admission


# Eligibility #

of the candidates
  1. Bachelor degree with first class honors, or
  2. Bachelor degree with second class honors and places in the first 10% of the class  (A Certificate from Registrar’s Office)
  3. A GPA of 3.5 and above in the Master’s Degree, or
  4. In case the candidate has not obtained Master’s degree yet or has gained GPA of 3.25 and above to 3.5, candidates should have published full research papers in national and international journals.
  5. Candidates who are expecting to obtain Bachelor Degree or Master’s Degree must submit the certificate to the scholarship committee before signing the scholarship contract.

and determination to work in the respective field of research which would be evaluated from the interview and the statement of purpose of research written by the candidate in about 600 words.

and wishes to work for the thesis under a group of researchers who have a potential contribution towards the economy and the society will get an added advantage.

from the advisor and commander stating that the candidate is a devoted researcher and also assuring of his/her good attitude.

which was indicated (in which it is mentioned) by KMUTT instructors or researchers (willing to be) your Petchra Pra Jom Klao’s advisor.

related to the research and other academic areas.

  1. All the applicants must not remain the Ph.D. student status or have never been registered at KMUTT as a Ph.D. student.
  2. All the applicants must contact with KMUTT advisors in the field of study which you focus to be your advisors. The letter of acceptance* must be attached with all of your academic documents. (* It can be found on the Petchra Pra Jom Klao Ph.D. Research Scholarship webpage.)
  3. The schedule may be subject to change.


1) Admission

Application Period Apply through: or

August 30 to October 1, 2017

2) Submit all the required documents

Submit all the required documents Admissions and Recruitment Office, 6Bth Floor,  14-Storey Building (Parking Building)

From admission application period to October 2, 2017

3) Examination

Written examination and/or Interview examination by  Faculty/Department

October 5 – 13, 2017

4) Announce the Results of Interview Eligibility list

Announce the Results of Interview Eligibility list

October 19, 2017

5) Interview Examination

Interview Examination

October 30- 31, 2017

6) Announce the Results of Admission

Announce the Results of Admission

November 3, 2017