Assoc. Prof. Dr. George A. Gale

Division of Natural Resources Management
  • School of Bioresources and Technology
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Fax 02-452-3455
Outstanding Research
  1. Kamjing, A., D. Ngoprasert, R. Steinmetz, W. Chutipong, T. Savini and G. A. Gale. in press. Determinants of smoothcoated otter occupancy in a rapidly urbanizing coastal landscape in Southeast Asia. Mammalian Biology XX: XXXX.
  2. Phommachanh, C., D. Ngoprasert, R. Steinmetz, T. Savini, and G. A. Gale. 2017. Habitat use of Saola Pseudoryx nghetinhensis (Mammalia; Bovidae) based on local sightings in the Northern Annamite Mountains of Lao PDR. Tropical Conservation Science 10: XX-XX.
  3. Ngoprasert, D., A. J. Lynam, and G. A. Gale. 2017. Effects of temporary closure of a national park on leopard movement and behaviour in tropical Asia. Mammalian Biology 82: 65-73.
  4. Petkliang, N., G. A. Gale, D. H. Brunton, and S. Bumrungsri. In press. Wetland, forest and open paddy land are the key foraging habitats for Germain’s swiftlet (Aerodramus inexpectatus germani) in southern Thailand. Tropical Conservation Science 10: XX-XX.
  5. Chutipong, W., A. J. Lynam, R. Steinmetz, T. Savini and G. A. Gale. 2014. Sampling mammalian carnivores in western Thailand: Issues of rarity and detectability. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 62: 521-535.
Research's Topic

The ecology and conservation of globally threatened species