Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jatuphorn Wootthikanokkhan

Lecturer, Division of Materials Technology , Head of Polymers for Energy Environment and Technology Research Group (PENTEC) , Director of Nanotec-KMUTT Center of Excellence on Hybrid Nanomaterials for Alternative Energy (HyNAE)
  • School of Energy Environment and Materials
Contact 0-2470-8695-99 ext.316
Fax 0-2470-8643
Outstanding Research
  1. Toughening of PVC
  2. EVA encapsulant for solar cell module
  3. Polymeric electrolyte for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
  4. Bioplastic prototype made from modified thermoplastic starch/PLA blends
Research's Topic
  1. Developments of nanomaterials for new generation solar cells
  2. Synthesis of photo/thermo-chromic materials to develop smart glasses for energy efficiency in building
  3. Developments of bioplastics and new polymeric materials from biomass derived chemicals