Assoc. Prof. Dr. Varit Srilaong

Division of Postharvest Technology
  • School of Bioresources and Technology
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Fax 0-2452-3479
Outstanding Research

1. Laddawan Kowitcharoen, Chalermchai Wongs-Aree, Sutthiwal Setha, Ruangsak Komkhuntod, Varit Srilaong and Satoru Kondo. 2015. Changes in abscisic acid and antioxidant activity in sugar apples under drought conditions. Scientia Horticulturae. 193: 1-6. (corresponding author)
2. Pornpan Lekkham, Varit Srilaong, Nutthachai Pongprasert and Satoru Kondo. 2016. Anthocyanin concentration and antioxidant activity in light-emitting diode (LED)-treated apples in a greenhouse environment control system. FRUITS. 71(5): 1-6.
3. Luciana Sales, Hitoshi Ohara, Katsuya Ohkawa, Takanori Saito,
Yasushi Todoroki, Varit Srilaong and Satoru Kondo. 2017. Salt Tolerance in Apple Seedlings is Affected by an Inhibitor of ABA 8’-Hydroxylase CYP707A. Journal of Plant Growth Regulator. 36 (3) : 643–650.
4. Peter Opio, Pongphen Jitareerat, Nutthachai Pongprasert, Chalermchai
Wongs-Aree, Yasuo Sazuki and Varit Srilaong. 2017. Efficacy of hot water immersion on lime (Citrus auranifolia, Swingle cv. Paan) fruit packed with ethanol vapor in delaying chlorophyll catabolism. Scientia Horticulturae. 224: 258-264. (Corresponding Author)