Assoc. Prof. Dr. Viboon Saetang

Department of Production Engineering,
  • Faculty of Engineering
Outstanding Research
  1. Tangwarodomnukun, V. and Mekloy, S., 2019, “Temperature Field Modeling and Cut Formation in Laser Micromachining of Silicon in Ice Layer”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 271, pp. 202-213.
  2. Charee, W. and Tangwarodomnukun, V., 2019, “Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Laser Surface Melting Process for AISI 9254 Commercially High Silicon Spring Steel”, Optics and Laser Technology, Vol. 115, pp. 109-117.
  3. Tangwarodomnukun, V. and Dumkum, C., 2018, “Experiment and Analytical Model of Laser Milling Process in Soluble Oil”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 96, pp. 607-621.
  4. Charee, W. and Tangwarodomnukun, V., 2018, “Dynamic Features of Bubble Induced by a Nanosecond Pulse Laser in Still and Flowing Water”, Optics and Laser Technology, Vol. 100, pp. 230-243.
Research's Topic
  • Laser micromachining process, Heat and mass transfer in laser material processing, Mechanics of machining, Hybrid machining technology, Conventional and advanced machining processes