Asst. Prof. Dr. Patthra Pason

  • Pilot Plant Development and Training Institute
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Outstanding Research

Discovery of novel bacteria and elucidation of multienzyme complex and accessory enzyme; lytic poly saccharide monooxyginase for
biomass utilization and upgrade to high value-biorefinery products. We develop bacteria and their enzyme for sustainable biorefinery. Our research partnership are from many Universities and companies (PTT, SCG and Mithpol) from Thailand and oversea such as Japan, Denmark and United state of America.

Research's Topic

1. Discovery of novel microorganism for production of multienzyme complex system and accessory enzyme for biomass degradation
2. Enzyme fermentation and engineering technology for sustainable bioeconomy; e.g. bio renewable energy and feed supplement
3. Bacterial cell factory for biorefinery and high value products platform
4. Development of highly efficient bio gas and biohydrogen production from lignocellulosic wastes using novel thermophilic bacterium