Assst. Prof. Dr. Tula Jutarosaga

Department of Physics
  • Faculty of Science
Contact 0-2427-8785
Outstanding Research
  • M. Sittishoktram, P. Yaemsanguansak, R. Tuayjaroen, P. Asanithi, T. Jutarosaga, Photoluminescence study of interfacial charge transfer and photocatalytic activity in titanium dioxide/copper multilayer film, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 108, (2020)104886.
  • R. Tuayjaroen, T. Rattana, T. Jutarosaga, Oxygen partial pressure-dependent growth mechanism of low-dimensional zinc oxide on indium tin oxide glass, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 101, (2019) 116-123.
  • P. Yaemsanguansak, M. Sittishoktram, R. Tuayjaroen, E. Ketsombun, T. Lertvanithphol, C. Luangchaisri, T. Jutarosaga, Modification of optical and structural properties of DC magnetron sputtered tungsten oxide thin films for electrochromic application, Journal of Metals, Materials and Minerals 29 (2), (2019) 79-86.
Research's Topic

Thin Film Deposition, Vapor-Solid-Liquid Growth of Nanowires, Composite Materials for Energy-Related Applications