Assoc. Prof. Dr. Usa Humphries

Lecturer, Department of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
  • Faculty of Science
Contact 0-2470-8831
Fax 0-2470-8825
Outstanding Research
  • Development of Coupled Models of Atmospheric and Soil Systems for Assessing Plant Pathogen Distributions under Climate Change: A Case Study in Paddy Rice
  • Develop Coupling Atmospheric (WRF) and Oceanic Models (ROMS) for Seasonal Precipitation Forecasting over Thailand
  • Study and Develop Seasonal Weather Forecast in Thailand Using IAP-DCP model
  • Decadal and long-term changes in East Asian Winter Monsoon and their influence on Indochina Peninsular
  • Development of Coupled Model for Forecasting ENSO, Precipitation and Impact on Climate in Thailand
  • Diurnal cycle and high-frequency variations of Thailand and their connection with summer monsoon
  • Development of High-resolution Gridded Climatological Database and Derived Products for Thailand
  • Spatial Statistical Ensemble Downscaling with Global Climate Model (GCM) to improve Rainfall and Temperature over Thailand
  • Nonlinear Iteration methods for addressing of nonlinear mappings with application to optimization
  • Approximation Methods for Generalized Equilibrium Problems and Application to Minimized Problems
Research's Topic
  • Numerical Oceanic and Atmospheric Modeling
  • Numerical method
  • Weather and Climate change
  • Data Assimilation and Data Analysis